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My cakes and biscuits are always made freshly to order, where possible on the day you will eat them. 


I’m pretty flexible about the ingredients I use.  The eggs are always free range and the lemons used in icing and cakes are unwaxed.  It goes without saying that if you have specific requirements such as only using organic ingredients then you just have to let me know.  Similarly, if you need gluten or wheat free cakes or have any other special dietary needs give me a ring and I will do my best!


If it’s helpful, I’m also happy to send you a list of all the ingredients which will be used in the cakes you wish to order. 


I’m afraid I do use nuts in my kitchen.  Although I am as careful as possible, I can’t guarantee that my cakes are a hundred percent nut free.  Sorry about this. 


Finally, if you have any ideas for specific ingredients that you’d like me to try, just let me know.


Pizzazz and sparkles


Written messages and a veritable cornucopia of different sprinkles, sparkles and decorations are available – from flowers and hearts to butterflies, stars and most importantly glitter… 


Just let me know your hearts desire and I will weave some sparkletastic magic.




Contact me

07789 441245



“Come along inside... We'll see if tea and buns can make the world a better place”.

The Wind in the Willows