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How to order

Do give me a ring or drop me an email to discuss your order.  I will do my best to make whatever you would like from flavours to shapes and decorations.


As my cakes and biscuits are homemade please give me two days notice.  Though if you have a last minute request do give me a call and I’ll see what I can do.  Everything stops for cake emergencies…



Do call or email and we can discuss prices.  These will vary depending on your exact needs for flavours and just how much sparklyness and pizzazz you would like on your cakes.

For approximate prices please see the 'Prices' page.

For large orders, I will ask for a small deposit in advance.  Please can you then pay (either by cash or cheque made payable to Rachel Carter) on delivery of the cakes.


Packaging and presentation

If you would like to save on costs, then I’m happy for you to bring your own boxes and tupperware to collect your cakes or biscuits in.

However, if you would like me to package your order for you, I’ll put them in specialist card boxes and just add a small charge for this.


If you would like help with slightly more grown up presentation of your cakes, I can provide cake boards or arrange for the hire of cake stands.  Again, there will be additional charges for this depending on the size of boards, stands etc.




Contact me

07789 441245



“Come along inside... We'll see if tea and buns can make the world a better place”.

The Wind in the Willows